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Download BlackShot and Enjoy Multiple Game Modes and Maps

Download Blackshot: A Free-to-Play Post-Apocalyptic FPS Game

If you are looking for a fast-paced, hardcore, and action-packed first-person shooter game that is completely free-to-play, then you should check out Blackshot. Blackshot is a post-apocalyptic FPS game that offers a huge variety of weapons, mercenaries, gears, and items to suit all playstyles. You can play casually in more than 10 game modes or prove your worth in competitive battle. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Blackshot, how to download and play it, why you should play it, and some tips and tricks for beginners.

download blackshot

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What is Blackshot?

Blackshot is a free-to-play, first-person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world. The game was developed by Vertigo Games America and published by Papaya Play. It was released in 2016 on Steam and has since gained a loyal fan base of millions of players worldwide.

The game's story revolves around the aftermath of a global conflict that resulted from the development of the ultimate weapon: the expendable clone soldier, the Mercenary. Nations began expanding their borders aggressively, seeking more resources to expand their clone armies. The entire world soon became embroiled in war. Blackshot is one of the world's elite mercenary groups. You are a newly contracted Mercenary who must rise through the ranks to become elite.

The game's features include:

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  • A massive array of weapons such as AR, BR, Snipers, SMG, Shotguns, and more

  • 7 Mastery categories and multiple ranks that unlock unique weaponry

  • A gear system that enhances your mercenary with stat bonuses or increased weapon load

  • A tactical slot system that adds depth to your character customization by assigning weapons expertise

  • A clan system and dedicated clan servers for team matches

  • More than 10 game modes such as Team Death Match, Search & Destroy, Protect the Commander, Unlimited Battle Arena, and more

  • A mercenary level and rank system that rewards you with weapons, gears, and tactics at every level

How to Download and Play Blackshot?

Downloading and playing Blackshot is very easy and simple. You have two options: you can either download it from the official website or from Steam. Here are the steps for both options:

Option 1: Download from the official website

  • Go to (^1^)

  • Click on the "Download" button on the top right corner of the page

  • Choose your region (Global or SEA) and click on "Download Now"

  • Save the file (BlackShot_Downloader.exe) on your computer

  • Run the file and follow the instructions to install the game

  • Create an account or log in with your existing account

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

Option 2: Download from Steam

  • Go to

  • Click on the "Play Game" button on the right side of the page

  • Steam will prompt you to install the game if you don't have it already

  • Follow the instructions to install the game

  • Create an account or log in with your existing account

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

The system requirements and compatibility issues

Before you download and play Blackshot, you should make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Here are the specifications for both Windows and Mac users:


Windows 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit)Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher2 GB RAMNVIDIA GeForce 8600 or higher / AMD Radeon HD 2600 or higherVersion 9.0cBroadband Internet connection4 GB available space

Mac OS X 10.9 or higher (64-bit)Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher4 GB RAMNVIDIA GeForce GT 650M or higher / AMD Radeon HD 6750M or higher / Intel HD Graphics 4000 or higher-Broadband Internet connection4 GB available space

If you have any compatibility issues, such as crashing, lagging, or freezing, you can try the following solutions:

  • Update your drivers and software to the latest version

  • Run the game as an administrator and in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3 (for Windows users)

  • Verify the integrity of game files on Steam (for Steam users)

  • Contact the customer support team at for further assistance.

The basic controls and gameplay modes

The basic controls for Blackshot are similar to most FPS games. You can use the mouse to aim and shoot, the WASD keys to move, the spacebar to jump, the C key to crouch, the R key to reload, and the F key to interact. You can also use the number keys to switch weapons, the Q key to use a grenade, and the E key to use a melee attack. You can customize your controls in the settings menu.

The gameplay modes for Blackshot are divided into two categories: casual and competitive. Casual modes are more relaxed and fun, while competitive modes are more intense and challenging. Here are some of the most popular modes:

  • Team Death Match: The classic mode where two teams of up to 16 players each fight to get the most kills within a time limit.Search & Destroy: A mode where one team of up to 8 players tries to plant a bomb at one of two sites, while the other team tries to stop them or defuse the bomb.

  • Protect the Commander: A mode where one player on each team is randomly selected as the commander, who has increased health and damage. The teams must protect their commander and eliminate the enemy commander.

  • Unlimited Battle Arena: A mode where you can join a room with up to 32 players and fight in a free-for-all or team-based match with unlimited respawns and no time limit.

  • Running Man: A mode where one player is randomly chosen as the running man, who has to survive for as long as possible while being hunted by the other players. The running man can use special items and traps to escape or fight back.

Why You Should Play Blackshot?

Blackshot is a game that offers a lot of fun and excitement for FPS fans. Here are some of the reasons why you should play Blackshot:

The benefits of playing a free-to-play FPS game

One of the best things about Blackshot is that it is completely free-to-play. You don't have to pay anything to download and play the game. You can also enjoy all the game modes and maps without any restrictions. You can also earn gold and gems, the in-game currencies, by playing matches and completing missions. You can use them to buy weapons, gears, items, and more from the shop. You can also get free rewards by logging in daily, participating in events, and joining the Papaya Play community.

The variety of weapons, mercenaries, gears, and items to customize your character

Another great thing about Blackshot is that it gives you a lot of options to customize your character. You can choose from 8 different mercenaries, each with their own backstory, personality, and voice. You can also equip them with various weapons, gears, and items that suit your playstyle and preference. You can mix and match different combinations of weapons, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, melee weapons, and grenades. You can also enhance your weapons with attachments, such as scopes, silencers, magazines, and skins. You can also use gears to boost your stats, such as health, armor, speed, accuracy, and more. You can also use items to gain extra benefits, such as medkits, ammo boxes, tactical masks, vests, and more.

The competitive and casual game modes to suit your playstyle and skill level

Blackshot is a


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