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I Zip Urban Cruiser Electrical Bike [BEST]

Order Shipment:If your order is stock and we process the charges to your credit card, it will ship within five business days from the date of your order. We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out. If you do not receive tracking information from us within six business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at

i zip urban cruiser electrical bike

Shipping Times:We provide ground shipping to the lower 48 states. Orders to AK & HI are shipped by AIR at additional cost. You may contact as at to obtain rates for those shipments.Shipping to the lower 48 states usually takes between 3 to 5 business days but you should allow 3 to 10 business days depending on the carrier we use (FedEx, UPS and/or USPS) and delivery location.

Damages:Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrive damaged, please send photos to and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf.

If you need help choosing the perfect electric bike or have any other questions, please check our FAQ section below or reach out to us via email or call toll-free: (866) 960 8616

JUST GOT IT 2 DAYS AGO! I ruptured my achilles tendon so had plenty of time to research over the last couple of months. The main reason was the bike and the other main reason was the customer support. I got the Pro version. I'm not much into branding and just like the stealthy look so I removed the stickers. Main reasons why I chose this's beefy, integrated taillight, ability to configure the assist power at every PAS level, it's 52V, the pro version so all the best of the regular cruiser with the new upgrades and so many more reasons. The brakes are AMAZING. This bike has everything you need and more. Next, the customer support is amazing. I was able to communicate and ask questions easily on their website chat, they answered all questions and made me feel at ease. I even got to know some of them by name. My achilles is not even fully healed but I had to take it for a spin and its wonderful.

As someone who has chronic knee pain, it's great to finally be able to hit the road and exercise without putting too much stress on my joints! I rode the cruiser for about 30 miles. Fit and finish are excellent. Throttle response is smooth and more than enough power to get moving from a stand still. The tires handle well on dirt or gravel. I am very pleased with my purchase. Would recommend this bike to anyone.

The Urban Obsession is a great value city commuter or cruiser ebike with range up to 100km on a single charge. The build quality is excellent with a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride which makes riding a pleasure.

In the event of damage to your product in shipping, please contact to arrange for replacement and pick-up of the damaged electric bikes. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more details.

Due to step-thru electric bikes being so popular, you will actually find a wide variety of step-thru bikes. While choosing a step-thru, you want to consider which style electric bike you want. We offer Step-thu electric mountain bikes, cruiser bikes and city bikes. If you are not sure the differences between these bikes, I highly recommend you reading our Electric Bike Buying Guide. Here we will give you an in depth look at the advantages/disadvantages of the different styles of electric bikes.

I love everything about this ebike. I've researched long for cruiser bikes, and finally it was down to Ariel Rider Ebikes or Vintage Electric Bikes. While I'm still an admirer of Vintage electrics, I had to go with Ariel Rider, just because there are more user reviews out there. And I'm glad I picked this ebike.

Speaking of cruisers, the Electric Bike Company Model R is something of a cruiser meets commuter e-bike. It has a more laid-back riding style, yet has urban-ready tires and front suspension that is perfect as an urban assault e-bike. And that 28 mph (45 km/h) top speed is certainly a big part of the draw as well.

City/Commuter bike: Made for urban dwellers who need to get around town, a commuter bike will have tires that are somewhere in between a road and a mountain bike. Generally, the bikes will be configured so that the rider's back is vertical when seated, which gives them a better view of their surroundings.

Surface 604 2020 Rook Electric Urban Cruiser and Commuter Bike is A step through electric bike redesigned in 2020 for cruisers and commuters looking for easier access while improving comfort and power. Surface 604 has redesigned the combined the power of a 500 watt plus motor with a new light, maintaining it easy step though design with a stylish frame to create a bike that is well-equipped for riders.

Like cruiser ebikes, comfort ebikes are more commonly used for leisure. In terms of design, their handlebars extend backward rather than on the side. Usually, comfort ebikes also have a step-through frame and weigh about 50-70 pounds.

The features that make this bike so zippy and responsive make it a little less comfortable than some other options. The city bike style includes lower, flat handlebars and a more aggressive riding position that may not be ideal for everyone. This is in contrast to the more upright cruiser bikes that earn higher marks for comfort. Unless you are used to riding in a more aggressive position, this is not the type of bike you would want to take out for a leisurely afternoon cruise; this bike is meant to take you places. As long as you know what you're getting into, the CrossSCurrent S2 is a perfect option for riders looking to shift their daily commute from car to bike without losing any time.

This bike is not for the rider who wants to go on long relaxed cruises. A stiffer frame, narrower seat, and skinny wheels don't offer a lot of cushion in your ride, and bumps and cracks in the road are more noticeable. All of this, combined with a more engaged riding position, means this is not a relaxed cruiser kind of bike. It is zippy and tight and requires more active participation from its rider, which could be either a pro or a con depending on who you are. It has a smaller battery which translates to just an average range in our throttle-only test and is not the fastest bike out there. However, as mentioned above, it has many perks that make it city-friendly, and if you don't stray too far from home, the battery size and ride will not likely be significant issues for you. We recommend this bike for city riders who want to upgrade from their regular commuter bike to an electric-powered one without breaking the bank.

Commuter bikes are purpose-built and can potentially replace cars for some riders. They often have quick power output and may operate at higher speeds to keep up with city traffic. Depending on your commute length, you may want to look for a commuter bike with a larger battery to boost the range you are able to travel. Many include features like headlights, tail lights, and brake lights for enhanced visibility on the road or in an urban environment, and other features like fenders or small racks over the rear wheel add protection from road spray and provide a place to transport some cargo.

Ebikes Hawaii is Oahu's premium retailer of electric bicycles. Located centrally near Honolulu, Waikiki & Kaimuki, we specialize offering the highest quality of Ebikes on the Island. We cover everything from sales and service to parts and accessories. Our handpicked brands include: A2B (Hero ECO), Easy Motion USA (BH Bikes), iZip & eFlow (Currie Technologies), Stromer (the all new 2014 ST2 model) and Juiced Riders (we will be offering the ODK v3 early 2014). We offer everything from beach cruiser style bikes to city commuters, road bikes, mountain bikes, and folding bicycles. The electric bicycle is almost like that of a hybrid vehicle. More power with less effort. Using cutting edge lithium ion battery technology combined with highly efficient brush less motors, the Ebike can now be considered a serious form of commuter transportation. As compared to any gas powered vehicle, the electric powered bike provides tremendous benefits. No gas and emissions paves way for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle reducing greenhouse emissions. It is also a great exercise and promotes being outdoors rather than trapped in a car. There is also very little maintenance involved as it is essentially a bicycle which many people are already very familiar with!


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