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FISHER - Losing It

Billboard also placed "Losing It" 84th out of the 100 Best Songs released in 2018 as picked by its Hot 100 staff. Writer David Rishty notes that "The intoxicating house single has been played out by hundreds of touring acts, including Skrillex and Tiësto, in addition to BBC Radio 1 curators like Annie Nightingale and MistaJam. The song has also spent a whopping 15 weeks and counting on Billboard's Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart and continues to rise through the ranks, so we're likely going to be losing it to this one well into 2019."[7]

FISHER - Losing It


Another great Fishers song is Stop it, a Dance track, released in 2017, also with millions of streams as well. We have available for sale our Remake version of that song if you want to dig deeper into it here. Mixed and produced using Sylenth1 version 3 and Ableton lives stock fx instruments only. With the presets included (as well as in losing it).

JF: Well I think that's a different assumption. I'll make the case that I can prove to you that it's a lot harder to be 0-5 than it is 5-0. I mean that's evident. I don't believe losing breeds losing. It depends. If you've got injuries and you have an inability to matchup personnel wise or you've got a club that just can't matchup, then it's hard to win games, but I feel like we've got a good football team and the wins are going to come.

JF: No, I don't think so. I mean, I've got enough veteran players on this team. We've got quite a few players that have won a lot of games here and won a lot of games elsewhere. Your focus as a head coach, I think, has to go toward your younger players: the first year players and the second year players that only know [and] understand winning. Then you have to put it in perspective and try to keep perspective. The difference between winning and losing - it's a mental exercise, but again, I think it's important to realize and that our players realize, what's happened the last five weeks isn't going to have any bearing on what happens the next 11. 041b061a72


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