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Chapter 8 Answers Project Management The Managerial Process 5th Edition 58

Much industrial noise can be controlled through simple solutions. It is important, however, that all individuals administering abatement projects have a good understanding of the principles of noise control and proper use of acoustical materials. Industrial hygienists, safety professionals, facility engineers, and others can make significant progress in reducing equipment noise levels and worker noise exposures by combining their knowledge of acoustics with an understanding of the manufacturing equipment and/or processes.

chapter 8 answers project management the managerial process 5th edition 58

With the assistance of a noise-control engineer and following the general principles outlined by AIHA, Colgate-Palmolive identified and prioritized noise sources. The process revealed that compressed air accounted for approximately 30% of the noise at production facilities and required approximately 15% of the energy. To help solve both problems, the company created "Noise, Energy & Maintenance" teams to help the company optimize system operation, minimize leaks, and assist workers in using compressed air appropriately. They planned to execute two noise reduction projects per year at many sites.

3. In the present text we can see the importance of moral values, founded on the natural law written on every human conscience; every human conscience is hence obliged to recognize and respect this law. Humanity today seeks greater justice in dealing with the vast phenomenon of globalization; it has a keen concern for ecology and a correct management of public affairs; it senses the need to safeguard national consciences, without losing sight however of the path of law and the awareness of the unity of the human family. The world of work, profoundly changed by the advances of modern technology, reveals extraordinary levels of quality, but unfortunately it must also acknowledge new forms of instability, exploitation and even slavery within the very societies that are considered affluent. In different areas of the planet the level of well-being continues to grow, but there is also a dangerous increase in the numbers of those who are becoming poor, and, for various reasons, the gap between less developed and rich countries is widening. The free market, an economic process with positive aspects, is nonetheless showing its limitations. On the other hand, the preferential love for the poor represents a fundamental choice for the Church, and she proposes it to all people of good will.

The person cannot be a means for carrying out economic, social or political projects imposed by some authority, even in the name of an alleged progress of the civil community as a whole or of other persons, either in the present or the future. It is therefore necessary that public authorities keep careful watch so that restrictions placed on freedom or any onus placed on personal activity will never become harmful to personal dignity, thus guaranteeing the effective practicability of human rights. All this, once more, is based on the vision of man as a person, that is to say, as an active and responsible subject of his own growth process, together with the community to which he belongs.


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