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Cubase Le 4 Activation Code 97

Now 5 days and still nothing from support. Only The email acknowledgement.Some wht bizzarly, I have just tried Cubase AI and it opened first time without requesting activation. Nothing has been changed other than I removed USB dongle after shutdown last night, and swapped with midi keyboard USB socket. I will switch off again later and restart to see if all registrations are now recognised.

cubase le 4 activation code 97

Well... This has been quite an ordeal, but none of it is the fault of Line 6 or Steinberg. I obtained the access code from Line 6 and installed Cubase Elements 10 along with the license manager and download manager. (You get three programs from Steinberg) Cubase did not seem to work, and to make matters worse, the Spider Remote program failed to work correctly, when it had worked fine before. After trying everything else I could think of I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows 10. Reinstalled Spider Remote, the Asio drivers, and the three programs from Steinberg, and everything works now. I needed to email Steinberg support to get a helper file to reset the license manager, and get a fresh activation code. I think the problem was related to the way that Win 10 manages USB. Excellent support from Line 6 and Steinberg.

Line 6 provided a Steinberg/Cubase link and pass code when I registered my Spider V 120 on this site recently. I followed the link, was prompted by Steinberg to register/create an account but the site was impervious to any attempt to register/create an acct. I would've reached out to Steinberg about the issue, but one needs to be registered to contact support....Eyes Rolling. What's funny is that years ago I was offered free Cubase with a completely different product; at that time I experienced the 20th century version not accessing the technology. I'll do other things with my time rather than pursue this in 2019. A waste of time.

I didn't get a link either at first, but I went back to the line 6 website to register my amp again (I removed the registration and just re-added it). Then I got a link to the software and the activation codes, etc.

So, today i finally decide to activate my code, which one i got from the Spider V MKII 30watt registration, and suddenly i've realised, that i can activate even up to cubase 11 le edition. So, i have no ideas guys, what's wrong with your way/codes. Everuthing works well, as must be

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