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Larry, First off, thank you this little step by step has gotten me very far. I seem to be having some trouble though. After applying the Twixtor effect I can see the Twixtor effect in the inspector box however it does not have a pull down menu.. In other words.. Right beside the Blue square there is a triangle pointing down, I would assume to expand options within twixtor however I have no triangle .. only the word twistor and able to enable or disable. How do I see the other options??

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for example, use time remapping in your main editing comp on the twixtor-enabled comp. You can also simply use a negative speed.It is important that you do this not in the actual twixtor enabled comp, but in the main editing comp.

I didn't get any "other application or pre-CS3" box. I just double clicked on the installer ,agreed to the licence and then checked the "install demo" box. It then tells you that twixtor is installed on your macintosh HD. There is now a folder "Twixtor5fxplug" on my Macintosh HD root level,(which is where it's supposed to be) and it is also in FCP under Video effects/revision plug ins.

Yeah, so when I got it originally my friend had the demo on his hardrive and I just copied it from him. Unfortunately he did something weird to it, or it downloaded wrong where the final cut and After effects files seemed to be both mixed in, and thats why the installer was greying things out and the "other applications" box wasn't working right. I then re downloaded the demo on their site, but the same thing happened for some reason. Im sorry to say that I think it was just luck that it worked eventually, I just downloaded it a third time and the installer did what it was supposed to. What I meant by support files was the final cut aspect of it, deleting whatever adobe parts I got originally. Just FYI then, if you want to tell it to install at the top of your hardrive, or just on the desktop, the correct folder to drag the folder titled Twixtor5fxPlug into is Library--- Plug-ins ----FxPlug and the twixtor folder should contain Twixtor5.fxplug and the Twixtor5FxPlugManual folder. Now David said above he copied it to library--application support--final cut pro system support--plug ins, and maybe that works to, but the way I described is how twixtor installed it when it worked eventually, and it showed up in the video effects tab under its own name. In the end, just try re downloading and re installing and restarting final cut, being sure to delete whatever twixtor files are there if it doesn't work, because I think it just comes down to the computer deciding to work, since fcp 6 really is unfortunately outdated at this point when it comes to HD footage and support for these kind of additions. Good luck and if you have more issues with it im happy to troubleshoot back.

i've done comparison with all the big options for optical flow/twixtor effects.From what i could in tell this is the list i got, the things i judged was how smooth the clip got, how the background acted behind the subject and the amount of artefacts.

One thing to add is if you like to add the effect which i use sometime were you have a clip of lets say a skateboarder jumping and you want do have a super slow motion clip of it just floating in the air for a couple of seconds and you slow the clip down to 2-3% i found that the built in FCPX optical flow worked the best, both twixtor and da vinci have a hard time making up that many frames and i found that i got some stuttering.

Step5: Move your pointer to the effect menu at top of the working screen. Then go to RE, check for the drop-down list and click on twixtor option. Download & install it from the internet if you are not seeing the option.

Step 8: Now, set the frame rate the same as the frame rate of our video footage in the Input Frame rate option of parameters of twixtor option, which is at the Effects Controls panel, which is along with the Project Panel section of this software. 041b061a72


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