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Real Drum Android Apk Download

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Real Drum 5.1 APK is an amazing and unique drum app that offers you the best drum experience and great entertainment. You can easily download Real Drum 5.1 for free from and start enjoying the best drum app right away.

Real Drum 5.1 APK is a great app for all drummers regardless of their skill level. The app has a great collection of drum sounds and tutorials that will help you to improve your skills and become a better drummer. So, download Real Drum 5.1 APK now from and start enjoying the best drum app right away.

Learning to play drums and want to practice on the go Download the Real Drum app to get a real-life Drum Kit playing experience from your mobile. The application allows you to turn the screen of your tablet or smartphone into a simulator of a real drum set so that you can practice and improve your skills.

This app lets you practice or create new tunes that you can practice later on your real set at home or school. The tunes and beats of this virtual drum app are truly realistic. With the Real Drum app play and practice along with the music on the phone library. This way you can create the perfect remixes and save them on your phone with the ability to export them.

Real Drum is a free app for mobile devices that simulates a real drum on your device, and lets you record it. It features different types of drums and cymbals, 45 drum sounds, 60 rhythm samples with tutorials, and 33 loops to practice with.

Drum Loops Reggae is the best music app for reggae, ska, Latin jazz, and many more. The app is a collection of sounds, loops, and rhythms that can be played on a real drum kit. It is a fun and easy way to create music and play your own beats.

People can use the app to make their musical instruments and enjoy the wonderful sounds made by the drums. The top app for learning to play drums is an excellent choice for people who are really into this instrument. Users should be able to try out drumming by choosing one of several themes.

If you use high resolution, you will hear the real sound of bright sounds echoing with each beat. The multi-touch app makes it easier to take on the challenge, and the sound quality in the studio is great. With the ultimate drum set, you can become a professional drummer and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can also learn to play drums by watching a video, following the instructions, and practicing immediately.

Exactly How does REAL DRUM functionThe application changes your phone/tablet display right into a realistic simulation of a drum set. See as your fingertips amazingly change right into drumsticks! For immediate playback, all you require do is faucet on the drum pads.

REAL DRUM is a free application for Android that simulates a real drum on your mobile/tablet screen. To play it, just drumming your fingers on the pads of the drums and the sound is played simultaneously. A fun, light and easy to use application. Ideal for those who want to study or play drumming without making much noise or taking up much space. You do not need to know drumming, Real Drum comes with 60 lessons rhythms with tutorial for you to learn to play. Also comes with 33 songs to play along, and still allows you to track songs live. For example, you can give the play a music from your library and accompany its on drums. The application has samples of acoustic percussion. Sounds recorded with studio audio quality. But if you want to change the sound of your battery, you can swap crashes and add percussion instruments. You can also change the arrangement of the pads, adjusting your best way to play. Features of Real Drum: * Multitouch* 13 drum pads* 23 realistic drum sounds* Studio audio quality* 60 examples of rhythms with tutorial mode* 33 backing track songs* Record mode* Complete acoustic drum kit* Export your records to mp3* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images)* FreeThe app is free, but you can remove all advertisements buying a license! T


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