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"Ana has read her book, her only book, so many times she knows it by heart." The resourceful girl has also been making up cuentos for her little brother ever since the teacher left her remote village; still, the unexpected arrival of a librarian riding a burro, bringing stories to tell and books to share, is a joyful event. Impatiently awaiting the bibliotecario's next visit, Ana reads avidly, draws, and writes, finally creating her own book. This sample of the impact of traveling librarians on rural children, inspired by a Colombian teacher-librarian, not only celebrates their work but eloquently portrays a matchless way to inspire learning: by feeding the natural hunger for story. Parra's decoratively stylized acrylic scenes portray a sunny, orderly village with adults at work while cheerful children take responsibility for tasks, yet still have time for imaginative play, eager reading, and listening. Small, brown-faced Ana's enthusiasm is contagious, and the satisfying denouement, in which she donates her homemade book to the traveling collection, is just right. Spanish words (defined in context and in a glossary) add a useful dimension, as does an author's note.

Chris Brown Waiting



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