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Wedding rings, engagement rings, Couple Promise Rings... what's the difference?

Do you want to give an engagement ring to your spouse? You're looking to propose but you're unsure of how to choose a ring for engagement. The SO OR team is here to assist. In this blog article we will show you the different types of rings we have available wedding ring, engagement ring or even a promise ring. How to pick them.

Origins and symbolism

In the beginning there is the promise ring, today extremely popular and fashionable, it is a ring that we offer to the loved one in our life or to someone dear to us as a token of promise. It is a symbol of the love and devotion that will never end. It is a symbol of fidelity and love that refers to the trust between two people who promise to remain united forever. However, it does not have marriage as its main result. It is merely a symbol of faith and eternal love. It can also be presented prior to an engagement.

Your promise ring is a representation of your affection, so it is crucial that you choose it carefully.

When should you offer a promise band?

There are no rules on when to gift an engagement ring. It can be a couple's anniversary, Valentine's Day, a symbolic event.

What is the best place to wear your ring of promise?

There are no cultural regulations. This depends on what you desire and what you believe. It can be worn around the neck with the chain which has a fine mesh. It can be worn on the left ring or the right ring finger depending on your preference.

How do you choose your promise ring?

There aren't any cultural rules there neither. It is generally more modest in style than an engagement ring. The most popular designs are heart-shaped, or the infinity symbol.

The SO OR team selected for you a range of rings that promise to touch the heart your partner.

Origins and symbolism

The engagement ring's roots are in Antiquity. In fact, the beliefs at the time were based on the belief that the ring finger was directly connected to the heart. Rings were affixed to the left, and especially the ring finger as an expression of love for the ages. In addition, giving rings to one's prospective wife also meant that the dowry would be paid to the family of the bride.

Today, the gift of an engagement ring is very symbolic and traditional, as it is a proof of love for the loved one that leads to a promise of marriage.

The engagement ring symbolizes of your vow and should be chosen carefully.

When should you present an engagement ring to your lover?

There aren't any rules to follow. Engagement rings are given to the couple when they propose, which is usually about a year before the wedding. However, this may vary based on the couple. The proposal can be made on the time of a significant date, like Christmas, Valentine's Day, or even an anniversary celebration.

What is the best place to wear your engagement ring?

The ring finger of the left hand is the most popular option because, according to ancient belief, this finger was connected to the veins of the heart.

Middle finger: You can wear your engagement ring on your middle finger. Because it is the longest finger on the hand it will be visible and you'll be able to show it to your acquaintances.

Wedding ring Wedding ring: You can choose of wearing your engagement band on the same finger as your wedding ring.

How do you pick your engagement ring?

A Ring that is like her her style: chic or traditional elegant or atypical. The engagement rings are a piece of jewelry that is worn every day, so it must be designed to fit the person who wears it.

The budget: Despite the fact that this is a significant present. The engagement ring is an important investment.

Gold is the preferred metal for engagement rings.

The stone: Refer to our article on precious stones and birthstones. Diamond is the most common stone used in engagement rings. You can choose between choosing ruby, that is a symbol of love because of its color, or sapphire which represents dedication and loyalty.

The volume: Your fiancee may prefer to wear it following the wedding ceremony, superimposed over her wedding band. It is therefore best to choose a ring that isn't too heavy.

The setting: There are three main kinds of engagement rings:

Solitaire: The most famous solitaire, a classic and timeless that will charm your partner. Solitaires are constructed of a single stone They can be claw set.

The Shouldered Solitaire is a timeless piece that will delight your fiancée. Shouldered solitaires are made up of a central stone, which is surrounded by smaller stones.

The trilogy: A true symbol of commitment. The trilogy consists of three stones which each represent the path you choose to take in your love which is the past, present, and the future.

The SO OR team selected for you a selection engagement rings you can offer to your beloved to propose to her.

Origins and symbolism

Like the engagement ring the wedding ring is a relic of the past in Antiquity. In fact, in the past, giving a ring to your fiancee meant the union of two families: the dowry was paid. According to some, giving a ring to someone is a sign of eternal love. The Catholic Church is to thank for the fact that we currently talk about alliances. From then on rings were exchanged on the wedding day, as were the wedding vows.

The wedding ring today is a symbol of eternal love and the eternal union of two beings.

It is essential to select your wedding rings with care, as they are a as a symbol of marriage and union of two people. These rings will be with you in your daily life.

When should you present the wedding ring?

On the day of the wedding the wedding ring is presented. In fact the exchange of rings is an extremely symbolic and important moment during weddings, since it takes place after the bride and the groom have exchanged vows.


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