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Best Buy Chromecast Ethernet Adapter

The latest Google Chromecast lineup bumped up the ports to USB-C. Unfortunately, Amazon's Fite TV Stick devices are still hanging on to the dated micro-USB port for power. You'll need a USB-C Ethernet adapter if you're using the newer Chromecast devices, so choose the right adapter when making your decision. With that in mind, here are some of the best Ethernet adapters for Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.

best buy chromecast ethernet adapter

Thus, the Cable Matters Ethernet adapter stands above the crowd out of a mass of adequate adapters with the same transfer speeds. This model gives you up to 480Mbps download speed. Assuming your internet speed can reach that number, that'll be plenty fast for streaming 4K video on your Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. The best part is, Cable Matters offers two variants of the same ethernet adapter. One is for micro-USB and the other is for USB-C streaming devices.

Wired connections, like those of our seven powerline adapter kits, improve the stability and responsiveness of the network connection. So we concentrated on how fast each kit was able to transfer data. Overall, the best powerline kits were faster than Wi-Fi, especially as more obstacles were placed in between the router and the test laptop.

My best recommendation for an Ethernet adapter for your Chromecast which can also work for Fire TV Stick, Google Home Mini or Raspberry Pi Zeros is the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter. It costs $13.59 on Amazon. Alternatively, you can also go with the Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices priced at $14.99.

A USB Ethernet Adapter (also known as an Ethernet network adapter) is a small dongle that connects to a USB port on your device, allowing you to plug in an ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable is then plugged into your router or modem, forming a solid, hard-wired connection between your computer and your internet service.

Stop being at the mercy of Greg and busy WiFi connections: game, stream, and connect with others using a USB Ethernet Adapter to get stable internet. Looking to upgrade the rest of your gear? Visit our website and get the best USB ethernet adapters on the market today!

Nilay Patel of The Verge gave the Chromecast an 8.5/10 score in his review, saying, "The Chromecast is basically an impulse purchase that just happens to be the simplest, cheapest, and best solution for getting a browser window on your TV." Speaking of the adapter's potential, he said, "it seems like the Chromecast might actually deliver on all that potential, but Google still has a lot of work to do." In particular, Patel pointed to Apple's AirPlay protocol as an example of an established competitor with many more features.[98] TechCrunch's review of the device said, "Even with a bug or two rearing its head, the Chromecast is easily worth its $35 pricetag."[99] Gizmodo gave the device a positive review, highlighting the ease of setup and sharing video. In comparing the device to competitors, the review said, "Chromecast isn't Google's version of Apple TV, and it's not trying to be... But Chromecast also costs a third of what those devices do, and has plenty of potential given that its SDK is just a few days old."[100]

Getting a good quality streaming connection is what we all strive for. Whether streaming your favorite TV show, movie or video streaming having a reliable connection can be the difference between an enjoyable experience and a frustrating time in front of your device. At Infinity Cable Products we're here to take your network to another level and get you up and running with the right equipment. In this article we will go over the what is the best ethernet cable for streaming? 041b061a72


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