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Datei Herunterladen 1.7z !!BETTER!!

When a file is downloaded through MO and the download is completed a meta file is created. Example: Mod 'Better Freckles' is downloaded, this results in file 'Better_Freckles_v1_0_1-4502-1-0-1.7z being downloaded and afterwards a Better_Freckles_v1_0_1-4502-1-0-1.7z.meta is created. MO queries the Nexus for that mod and fills the meta file with. The meta file also contains some piece of information unrelated to Nexus (i.e. whether it's been installed already or the mod was removed from MO).

Datei herunterladen 1.7z

Download File:

I really appreciate this Coffee shop, and the lighting is easy but efficient. So we delete the coffee shop model in max then save it as a template. I think it is a good template, and you can put your models into it to get a not-bad effect.bubble_tea_and_fast_food_restaurant 1.7z - Google Driveimage1608954 217 KB 041b061a72


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