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Akashic Therapy !!INSTALL!!

Though we have many testimonials for amazing results, as with any other healing modality, we too cannot offer any guarantees. We do our best with each person, but ultimately God heals, plus we cannot heal beyond our karma. Like medicine no healing or therapy can guarantee results.

Akashic Therapy

Ground into your heart as Mel guides you through an intuitive healing session by working with your Akashic Records and accessing the wisdom to guide, remind and reconnect you to yourself. We will remove emotional and energetic blockages while connecting back into the clarity to support you on your path. Your deepest questions about life and your desire of self understanding will be nourished in these sessions. Come prepared with questions that are on your heart and an openness to the power of intuitive akashic healing.

Compass Rose is a professional and client-centered practice that continues to attract clientele in search of complementary care. Our providers enjoy sharing their decades of experience, ongoing continuing education, and refined energy medicine modalities with people facing life challenging experiences of medical, emotional and mental nature. Our intentions have always been to take holistic care, energy medicine, and the ancient healing arts main stream. Our services complement the care provided by physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. Many of our clients have found an excellent alternative to talk therapy when searching for emotional and mental healing and health.

For pregnant and postpartum patients in pain or for clients wishing to take a deeper look into healing from a more energetic and intuitive perspective, please see below for info about Akashic readings. All sessions offered will include bodywork with a physical therapy type assessment and intuitive body assessment from your personal akashic records.

Ruth Elliot has been a key resource for me in my quest for health both prior to and post operatively. In 2017 I had two perineal repair surgeries and a hysterectomy. She has helped me to understand how my body got to the point of needing surgery and is now helping me to heal and reconnect with my body. Through her wonderful knowledge of the body I have come to respect what mine is telling me. She always has exercises, dietary tips and local resources to help me in addition too her hands on physical therapy. I recently went through an Akashic reading with Ruth. This experience was pivotal for me. I was able to retrieve some information from my past that was keeping me from moving forward in the healing process. I would recommend Ruth for anyone wanting maintain or improve the health of their perineal floor! -Dawn R.

Many intuitive practitioners are limited in their diagnosis process by only seeing energetic patterns or soul-level blockages. I will offer this during intuitive sessions as well as a full physical therapy evaluation to discover which muscles, bones, tissues, organs and nerves are responding to this energetic displacement. Your body will guide the treatments depending on prioritizing each postural issue and we will incorporate the totality of causes both physical and meta-physical.

Physical therapy based self-massage, exercise, stretches and functional exercises tailored to your needs and your specific ability to perform your exercises can transform your body. What you do on a daily basis is the most influential message your body can receive and it is from YOU. We will incorporate positive affirmations and new body paradigms into your personalized program for the most powerful message you have ever given your body for healing. Clients who approach their self-care routine with enthusiasm experience empowered ability to relieve pain, feel stronger and more in control of their physical functioning. Retraining your daily habits can be a challenge but with clear direction can be a 21-day commitment that easily lasts forever.

Akashic Records are believed to be a part of infinite knowledge. Through a very specific guided meditation and accompanying sound therapy, you will be able to access "smriti" or "intuitive knowledge." The Akashic Records of your soul's journey from a place of oneness to an individual can help you heal karmic patterns, release soul-ties and make sense of who you really are.


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