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How To Use Super Soul Xenoverse 2 ##TOP##

1.50 - updated UI to hopefully make things easier to use. added ability to change super souls to use one of the 5 basic limit bursts (found under limit burst options). added option to add or remove the current super soul to the item shop (found under super soul options). fixed bug with quotation marks in names and descriptions and a bug where some text boxes weren't saving.

How To Use Super Soul Xenoverse 2


1.8 - Support for XV2 1.18.00. (Version 1.8 will no longer work for any version below 1.18.00. This is due to the new IDB format.)- Support for new super soul Effects and Activators IDs added in XV2 1.18.00.- Race Lock now uses checkboxes for each race type instead of a number value.- Support for Importing SSP files made in older versions of the Editor so that you don't have to remake Souls.- Other misc adjustments and fixes.

Hi there, i got only one complain about but nothing serious.When i edit the values for a new soul i usually go for something not overpower, so i usually edit around 0.2 in the atributes, but everytime i open the editor the value i put 0.2 goes to 2, please fix this.Thank you in advance.

hey im also getting the same thing but now i cant equip any other soul and they all say hee hee glasses do you have any way to fix this ive heard deleting tails men item but idk what it would do if you do find out please reply thanks

Go to your DBXV2 folder, Then select Data, Then System. Inside the system folder remove the file named talisman_item.idb The super soul editor will once again work for you. The reason why you are having issues is because of that file, also some mods for whatever reason constantly add hee hee to the super soul editor, ignore them. Only use super souls that have a valid number other than 0 next to them, or create your own. If you try to use them youll get editor crashes as well as game crashes.

idk if this is a definitive fix but yesterday i downloaded the revamp teams mod and now all my super souls are showing up normally again. Previously none of my super souls were named or present and i got the same error everyone else was getting.

as i said idk if this is a sure fix but clear installation on all your mods, uninstall any of your installers, then download the revamp mods and follow how you usually would download it & then see if your super souls show up in the editor

demon boy put the new partner update and put goku black super baby and gogeta everything new dlc 14 since it does not appear for n partner it does not appear and that I have all the partner keys to customize please

1. Because you are using mods, there for its going to create mass amounts of copies. Do not use them. The super souls work just fine, just dont use any or try to edit any souls that dont have an actual ID number next to them not even ones with 0.

first u need have Xv2 Super soul Editor and game directive seleted Xenoverse 2 game and then inport super soul package u dowloaded of true god super soul and then it and find it and modfied how ever u like


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