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In a separate 1990s interview quoted on the fan site, Woz explained just why his machine had ended up having all of these firsts. None of them were particularly planned, he says, and much of them came from him adding what he wanted, when he wanted it.

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So, having said that, amd being an apple noob, whenever I hear about 80s games being for "Apple", never sure which one they were for. Easily enough I found we were talking about the Apple II, of course, however, with several variants out there I would like to know which is the best model of Apple II one can get (again, exclusively talking about the games).

my only // at the moment is a //c, sometimes I wish it had better mass storage or a sound card, but a massive amount of software takes advantage of neither, so a box o floppies and ADT (apple disk transfer) pro is usually what my go-to is (and since you get it all from the internet I bet over half of my box of 10 floppies are actually used as I just overwrite them when playing something new)

the apple //c that i bought in 1984 served as my game machine until 1994, when still fully functional, i gave it away to a co-worker. after the initial outlay of $1,295, i accumulated hundreds of copied games from a myriad of high school computer geeks like myself. i only bought a handful of disks such as Conan, which was my favorite. the //c, with its 9" green screen served its purpose so well, that i was completely unaware of the tsunami console which hit our shores in 1986 the NES. the reason i finally grew tired of the //c games i would have to say i was lured in by the absolutely beautiful graphics of the Super Nintendo. coupled with the fact that I had graduated from College, started working, and finally had some disposable income to spend on the $200 console and $60 cartridges. so i would say that the low (for apple) buy in price, which included all the features you had to pay extra for on the IIe, coupled with a robust game library of which almost everything i tried to run on it worked, with the exception of drol, makes the //c the best apple II for gaming.

Hey all. I would like to buy an apple II super serial card or generic equivalent. Just not looking to pay eBay prices, why has noone made a modern reproduction of this card yet! Anyway if you have to sell please message me. 59ce067264


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