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Av Voice Changer Download Crack With Keygen

AV Voice Changer with Voice Effects

Have you ever wanted to change your voice to sound like someone else, or to create different voice effects for fun or professional purposes? If so, you might be interested in AV Voice Changer, a free voice changer software that can modify your voice in real time or from an audio file. In this article, we will introduce you to the features and benefits of AV Voice Changer, and show you how to use it to create amazing voice effects.

What is AV Voice Changer?

AV Voice Changer is a professional voice modulator software that can also provide endless hours of fun. It has a growing library of sound effects and an intuitive graphical user interface. This Diamond Edition has a faster voice morphing algorithm, and numerous options.


AV Voice Changer can connect to most VoIP programs, chat applications, and role-playing games, allowing you to change your voice in real time. You can also record and edit your voice or any audio file, and apply various voice effects and filters. You can save your modified voice as a new file, or use it as a ringtone, notification sound, or audio message.

What are the benefits of AV Voice Changer?

AV Voice Changer has many benefits for different users and purposes. Here are some of them:

  • For online gamers: You can create unique and immersive characters with different voices, accents, and personalities. You can also prank your friends or enemies with funny or scary voices.

  • For voiceover artists: You can easily change your voice to suit different roles and scenarios, without straining your vocal cords. You can also create realistic dialogues and conversations with multiple voices.

  • For podcasters and streamers: You can add variety and spice to your content with different voice effects and backgrounds. You can also disguise your identity or protect your privacy if needed.

  • For audio editors and producers: You can enhance and improve your audio quality with advanced editing tools and filters. You can also create stunning sound effects and mixes with the built-in sound effect packs.

  • For fun seekers: You can have endless hours of entertainment and laughter with the voice effects and sound effects. You can also surprise your friends and family with prank calls or personalized greetings.

How to use AV Voice Changer?

Using AV Voice Changer is easy and fun. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Download and install AV Voice Changer from its official website.

  • Launch the program and select the mode you want to use: Full Mode, Quick Mode, or Custom Mode.

  • In Full Mode, you can access all the features and options of the program. In Quick Mode, you can choose from the preset nickvoices (ready-to-use voice profiles). In Custom Mode, you can create your own nickvoices by adjusting the pitch, timbre, formant, and other parameters.

  • To change your voice in real time, connect AV Voice Changer to the program you want to use, such as Skype, Discord, Twitch, Steam, etc. Then select the input device (microphone) and output device (speakers) in both programs.

  • To change your voice from an audio file, click on the File menu and select Open to load the file. Then use the Voice Morpher panel to apply the voice effects you want. You can also use the File Morpher feature to batch process multiple files at once.

  • To record your voice or any sound, click on the Recorder button on the main interface. Then select the input device (microphone) and output device (speakers) in the Recorder dialog box. Click on the Record button to start recording, and click on the Stop button to stop recording.

  • To edit your voice or any audio file, click on the Editor button on the main interface. Then use the Waveform Editor panel to cut, copy, paste, delete, trim, mix, insert, overwrite, or apply effects to the audio segments. You can also use the Effects menu to access more effects and filters.

  • To save your modified voice or audio file, click on the File menu and select Save or Save As. Then choose the format, quality, and location for your file. You can also use the Make Ringtone feature to create a ringtone from your file.


AV Voice Changer is a powerful and versatile voice changer software that can help you create amazing voice effects for various purposes. Whether you want to have fun, enhance your online gaming experience, create professional voiceovers, or improve your audio quality, AV Voice Changer can do it all. You can download it for free from its official website and start changing your voice today.


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