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Watch NCIS S03E (24)

While Gibbs watches TV from his hospital bed, Gelfand tells Jenny that Gibbs is trying to catch up on 15 years by watching TV. At her desk, Jenny comments that Gibbs hates TV. Gelfand tells her that Gibbs still can't believe that they're fighting in Iraq before Jenny tells Gelfand that Gibbs isn't alone in that statement.

Watch NCIS S03E (24)

The next morning, as Gibbs watches the TV while Nurse Baliad finishes checking his blood pressure, she remarks that they would normally move Gibbs to a room but for once, the hospital is full up and ICU isn't. She then wonders why Gibbs has the sound off on the TV, telling Gibbs that it won't help him recover his memory but Gibbs tells her that it's nothing new and that it's the same war, same crime and same politics. Baliad wonders if he's surprised that the Terminator is now the governor of California but Gibbs isn't, stating that the Gipper (Ronald Reagan) was President. 041b061a72


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