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Indian History GK in Bengali PDF Download

Indian history is a vast and fascinating subject that covers thousands of years of events, cultures, dynasties, and movements. For students and aspirants of various competitive exams, such as WBCS, CGL, MTS, SSC, etc., it is essential to have a good knowledge of Indian history and its various aspects. However, finding reliable and comprehensive sources of information in Bengali language can be challenging. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the best websites that offer Indian history GK in Bengali PDF for free download. These websites provide detailed and updated information on ancient, medieval, and modern Indian history, as well as important dates, personalities, and facts. You can download these PDF files and read them offline at your convenience.


Indian History GK in Bengali PDF Websites

  • : This website offers a full Bengali book on Indian history that covers ancient, medieval, and modern periods. It also provides chapter-wise summaries and quizzes to test your knowledge. The book has 700 pages and is 17 MB in size.

  • : This website provides Indian history in Bengali language PDF files that are divided into different topics and subtopics. You can find information on Mehrgarh civilization, Harappan civilization, Vedic civilization, Buddhism, Jainism, Mauryan empire, Gupta empire, Chola empire, Delhi Sultanate, Mughal empire, British rule, Indian national movement, etc. The PDF files are easy to download and read.

  • : This website offers history GK in Bengali PDF for competitive exam preparation. It contains 120+ Indian history questions with answers that cover important topics and events. It also provides important dates in Indian history PDF in Bengali for quick revision.

We hope you find these websites useful and helpful for your study of Indian history. You can also search for more websites on Bing by typing "indian history gk in bengali pdf download" in the search box. Happy learning!


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