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FSX-P3D Qualitywings BAE 146 CRACKED

those looking to explore the glory of the 787 should be aware that the package is still in development. with no end in sight, it might take months, if not years, before we see an official update. for now, we have to do with videos and spoilers. please note that the above video was done with the beta as there were missing features. be sure to expect updates from qualitywings over the coming weeks and months.

FSX-P3D Qualitywings BAE 146 CRACKED

to make it clear, i actually got the beta for free. i didnt buy the ultimate 787, but for the beta, i got a free 12 months of the newest version. the only downside is that the package includes all previous versions of the ultimate 787 with the exception of the 787-3.

first of all, there is a lot of included textures in the 787 library. of all these files, many are created in the period from 2015 to today. are the creators of the textures proud of the 787? no, they arent.

secondly, the textures and 3d objects can only be used with the correct aircraft and interior. if youre flying the 787-8 and your 787 has the 787-10 interior, then you are screwed. for example, on the right wing, its nothing but the outer skin with lights and no interior elements. gosh, this is a huge pity since we are speaking about the one of the most modern aircraft in the sim market.

the basics are there, but theres a lot of work ahead: for example, passengers, catering, flight crews, the toilets, the displays, cargo loading, queueing for boarding, etc. if you live in europe, you have the choice between italian and german ai. as we speak, the entire package is in german. that means, unfortunately, that we have to fly in english on the ai side. after i made the alphaflight promotional video of the ultimate 787, i messaged qualitywings, asking to use the italian ai instead of the german one for the promotional videos. i was told that its not yet possible. so, either way is ok with me. go ahead and click on the links to watch the videos.


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