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NBA Extends Partnership With Meta To Bring Bask... Fixed

Among the 52 League Pass games made available at the NBA Arena through the partnership, five will be available in an immersive 180-degree monoscopic live format with 2880 resolution. The technology provides fans with virtual courtside access, bringing them into the game like never before. Other upcoming League Pass VR games include:

NBA Extends Partnership With Meta to Bring Bask...

With this move, the league aims for existing fans to have a more interactive experience, and bring new fans that are familiarized with these new technologies to the sport. About this, Meta director of metaverse media content Sarah Malkin stated:

The NBA has been very receptive to using new technologies to expand the reach of its activities. In partnership with Dapper Labs, the company launched NBA Top Shots back in 2020, an NFT video marketplace featuring moments, which are some of the most important plays in the story of the league. In September, the league partnered with Sorare, a fantasy game company, in order to create an NFT (non-fungible token) game.

This week Meta announced that it has extended its partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to broadcast more professional basketball games in VR on Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets. On top of that, Meta is offering official NBA apparel for Meta avatars, allowing you to represent your team across the metaverse.

Meta and the North American Basketball Association (NBA) extend their partnership. Meta Quest will remain the official VR platform of the NBA. Fans with access to Horizon Worlds and Xtadium can look forward to new features and more basketball games in virtual reality.

Earlier, a news report revealed that Microsoft has a partnership with the World Economic Platform (WEF) in the development of Global Collaboration Village in the Metaverse. The theme of developing this digital world is to bring together famous personalities from all over the world to discuss the upcoming policies and major issues worldwide.

The National Basketball Association's Washington Wizards have extended their partnership with Israeli renewable energy company Energix, which houses its United States operations in nearby Arlington, Virginia.

The Meta Quest 2 is the official headset of the NBA, with the league signing an agreement back in 2020. The partnership has also seen selected live games from the regular season broadcast live in VR via another Meta service, Horizon Venues, helping users feel as though they were at the arena with thousands of other spectators, rather than watching the game at home.

NEW YORK, NY, December 9, 2022 -- The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) hosted its first-ever activation during Miami Art Week this past weekend. As part of this day-long activation, THINK450, the partnership and innovation engine of the NBPA, and Tech Runs, a sports-centric web3 community powered by DAOLabs, collaborated to host multi-faceted events and activities that celebrated the intersection of sport, tech, art, and culture. Following its collaboration with Tech Runs, the NBPA hosted a live recording of the NBPA Post Up podcast with Matt Barnes at the BBC Ice Cream Flagship in the Wynwood section of Miami.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Meta by developing new initiatives that help us bring our digital presence one step forward," Alex Ferrer Kristjansson, Euroleague Basketball's Brand and Communications Senior Director, said. "One of the key areas of our digital strategy is to create interactive and engaging products for all our fans to bring them closer to the action they experience on a weekly basis with our games. EuroLeague Pick & Play fits perfectly into that strategy."

"Facebook Fantasy Games are free, simple prediction games that help fans enjoy sports. These games bring the social fun of traditional fantasy sports to simpler formats that are easy to play for people. We are delighted with the launch of EuroLeague Pick & Play, a new way to engage and bring EuroLeague and basketball fans closer together," Kike Levy, Southern Europe Lead Sports at Meta, said.

Google and the NBA are opening a kind of basketball metaverse thanks to a partnership to promote the NBA Playoffs. The ne Google Pixel Arena offers fans a chance to play and show off virtual basketball skills including with their own virtual being avatars.

Meta has strengthened its partnership with the premier American basketball competition, the NBA, through a multi-year partnership extension that will feature immersive courtside VR experiences for fans and more.

Avicanna CEO Aras Azadian joins Natalie Stoberman from the Proactive studio to announce its partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart to transition Medical Cannabis by Shoppers assets and services to Avicanna.First launched in Ontario in January 2019, Medical Cannabis by Shoppers provides patients...

The Mariners make sense on paper. They have a good farm system. They have few long-term commitments. They have a hyperactive general manager who has every reason to push the pedal to the metal to end the sport's longest playoff drought. Would Jerry Dipoto feel comfortable parting with several of his top prospects, led possibly by some combination of shortstop Noelvi Marte and pitchers George Kirby and Matt Brash? We don't know, but he owes it to himself to think about it.

In May 2020, it was announced that Wilson became the NBA and WNBA official ball supplier, starting with the 2021 season. Wilson will return as NBA ball maker, replacing Spalding, after the latter company's 37-year partnership with the league.[8]

Following the launch of NBA Top Shot, which became a craze in the digital asset space in 2020, sports teams and players continue to drive fan engagement via NFTs. Basketball has been leading the bandwagon, with more teams and players joining in. These teams want to capitalize on the web3 infrastructure for fan engagement which has led to a surge in the interest for NFTs and the metaverse.

Paul Hunter: The initial input and idea was developed at Wieden+Kennedy. They always had the idea to try and create music and have it work along with the dribbling. For me, it was more about: how could I simplify it, and really bring out the basketball moves, and then isolate the music in a way so that it really connected with the viewers on a visual level. At the time, I had done a music video for D'Angelo called "Untitled (How Does It Feel)", which was very similar in terms of isolating on a particular person. I felt that at least for this commercial, it would be a good direction to go. Also, I remember going as a kid to see the Harlem Globetrotters, and they always passed the ball through their legs with music in the background. That was a huge personal influence for me as well.

"In my work with professional athletes and executives, I always strive to make a difference, that's what led me to connect Virtualness with the PBA," said Vincent 'Chot' Reyes, Head Coach of the TNT Tropang Giga of the PBA and of the Philippine National Team GILAS. "This is our players' and league's way of giving back to our community of fans who have given us so much already. In turn, we believe this will help us deepen and strengthen the future of the PBA and the sport overall. It's time the PBA ventures into new arenas to connect with a greater audience, and I think they have the right partner in Virtualness," added Reyes, who is an advisor in the partnership.

Burden recalled a demo of the NBA's AR experience through its partnership with AR firm Magic Leap, which let fans watch highlights on multiple screens in their field of vision. Although Magic Leap failed to deliver the technology it promised and has undergone layoffs and restructuring, dedicated AR devices are still an area of interest for big tech companies, from Snap to Microsoft.

Since the rise of the Internet over two decades ago, we have enjoyed an online network based on information, data and telecommunication, with a range of standalone virtual worlds emerging, mainly on social media and video games like Second Life, Instagram, Fortnite, TikTok and Roblox. The metaverse promises interconnected virtual environments controlled by electromyography (EMG) movements and neural interfaces. In the metaverse, companies will have the unprecedented ability to exploit the full potential of the data they collect.

The technology sector and the video game industry are preparing for the advent of the metaverse: a network of 3D virtual worlds, where humans can interact with each other socially and economically, mainly through avatars. Despite great media attention, the metaverse does not yet exist, and is still far from being a reality, at least as currently described by some reporters. This is largely because of the demanding computing requirements and standardized protocols needed for it to take off.

The metaverse is a virtual universe where avatars controlled by humans or computers can control virtual items, such as vehicles, weapons, or furniture, all of which can feature trademarks or copyrighted works. Because IP laws deal with the intangible elements (corpus mysticum) of an object, whether physical or virtual, the obvious conclusion is that the builders of the metaverse will have to respect the rights of inventors, designers, and owners of distinctive signs as in the real world. Consequently, a given right holder will be entitled to prosecute the exploitation of his or her IP rights in the metaverse, for example, when attached to a virtual purse or jacket developed for digital avatars. 041b061a72


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