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2 Headed Shark Attack Full Movie !!BETTER!! Download

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The film opens with a group of wakeboarders being attacked and devoured by a two-headed great white shark. Meanwhile, Sea King, a Semester at Sea ship led by Professor Franklin Babish and his wife, Anne, hits a dead shark, which becomes lodged in the boat's propeller, damaging the ship's hull and causing the boat to take on water. Soon after, the two-headed shark attacks the boat and breaks the radio antenna, preventing ship co-captain Laura from summoning help. Professor Babish and the students use a dinghy to take shelter on a nearby deserted atoll, while Anne remains on the Sea King with Laura and the ship's crew, Han and Dikilla. Laura enters the water to repair the ship's hull, and is ripped apart by the two-headed shark.

Meanwhile, professor and the students explore the atoll. Assembling in an abandoned fishing village, they set out to search for scrap metal to repair the boat. Haley and Alison go swimming topless with Kirk, only to be eaten by the two-headed shark. The rest of the group meet up and find two small speedboats before an earthquake hits, causing Professor Babish to badly injure his leg. Dana bandages Babish's leg, while Jeff and Mike accompany him back to the Sea King on the dinghy. On the way back, Jeff and Mike discover Laura's severed hand in the water. They are attacked by the shark and eaten attempting to swim back to the Sea King.

The students find two boats on the island, which Kate and Paul manage to fix. Cole finds a gasoline tank to fuel them, but steals one of the boats together with Ryan, Jamie and Alex. Kate, Paul and Dana follow in the other boat. They are all unaware of the shark, which attacks Cole's boat. Ryan falls into the water and is eaten, alerting the others to the shark's presence. Paul concludes it is drawn to Cole's boat as it has a bigger engine. Cole bails, and the shark eats Jamie and Alex. When the survivors reach shore, Kate furiously confronts Cole for abandoning Jamie and Alex. A few minutes later, the Sea King is abandoned and the survivors meet on the island.

Shortly afterward, another earthquake hits. The group realizes that the earthquakes are actually the atoll collapsing in on itself. They hook up a generator to metal poles and place them in the water to distract the shark while Kate and Cole travel to the Sea King and repair the hull. The plan works until the shark attacks the poles, knocking Han and Dikilla into the water to their deaths. Kate fixes the ship, only for Cole to drive away without her, forcing her to swim back to the atoll. The two-headed shark attacks the Sea King, causing it to sink and send out a distress signal; Cole is eaten trying to escape on a lifeboat when his cellphone alerts the shark. The atoll is sinking too, prompting everyone to flee for their lives.

Dana and Kristen get separated from the group and are quickly devoured. Professor Babish and Anne also get separated from the group, and after running into a dead-end due to a tsunami suddenly approaching the atoll, they share one final kiss as the shark eats them. The rest of the group end up in the water as the small tsunami strikes the island. The remaining students swim into the half-sunk village chapel to hide, but the shark breaks in. Lyndsey uses a gun to shoot it, but it quickly eats her. Ethan uses the giant wooden cross in the chapel to try attacking it, which also fails as it eats Liza and Michelle. Paul, Kate, and Kirsten climb out the window and escape while Ethan distracts the shark, only to get caught and eaten as well.

The final three discover a gasoline tank, and lure the shark towards it, but they fail to ignite it. Kate attempts to stab the shark and is nearly eaten, but Kirsten sacrifices herself instead to blow up the shark. However, only one of the shark's heads get blown off. Kate and Paul find one of the boats and turn it on as a decoy, taking shelter on part of the remaining atoll still above water. The shark attacks the unmanned boat, biting the motor; it explod


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