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A Web-based GIS system with historical maps, integrated with full-text databases from the Academia Sinica. Includes place name search. Can be used without registration, but personal registration (free to Princeton users) is recommended for saving and printing. The basic historical maps come from Tan Qixiang's Zhongguo lishi dituji, and the Shenbao atlas from the 1920s. There are search functions for current and historical place names, gazetteers etc. Some specialized thematic information is available, such as maps of Han archaeological tombs. Enter the GIS system by clicking on "Framework" from the Home page, and then by clicking on "Enter CCTS System." Before first use, one needs to download two special plug-ins available there. The Web-based GIS system follows standard ArcView procedures.

Zhong tai quan tan sheng si zhan full movie free download

A text-searchable database of ca. 7,000 Chinese periodicals published from late Qing to 1949 in all fields of knowledge: the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences, as well as popular journals. Examples include the Shidianzhai huabao, Xiandai, Shaonian Zhongguo, Dazhong shenghuo, Guocui xuebao, Qingnian Zhongguo, Minfeng. Listings per subject area are provided. Contents are regularly updated. One can search bykeyword in title in simplified or traditional Chinese, which retrieves article titles; clicking on such a hit retrieves the page with the term, which however is not highlighted. One can browse by category of publication (use the pop-up menu called +fenlei tixi). Clicking on a periodical title gives the issues available of that title; clicking on the issue gives a table of content. PDFs can be downloaded. Advanced searching (by article or periodical title) is available. This database complements the Quanguo baokan suoyin image database.

The Xu xiu Si ku quan shu database is a set of 5328 full-text searchable Classical Chinese titles. This database forms an important addition to the Si ku quan shu and Zhongguo ji ben gu ji ku databases already available, and this late-20th century compilation is based upon an assessment of items which became important subsequent to the 18th-century Si ku quan shu compilation, arranged in the same way. Originally published in 1800 thick paper volumes, it is strongest in Qing material, but does occasionally include better versions of items already included in the Si ku quan shu. The original items came from the collections of more than 80 Chinese libraries. The database searches very quickly, you can compare OCRd text with original text, and print or download using a somewhat idiosyncratic decorative, but self-explanatory interface.


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