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Contradiction - Spot The Liar! ~UPD~ Crack Only

Young insists that feeding troughs be cleaned daily and uneaten food removed to prevent decay (p. 137). Giraffes and moose must have their troughs high or they can't reach them, while animals with large antlers can't get their mouths into a basket placed against a wall. Carnivores deprived of bones to chew develop peridontal disease (Bush and Gray); rodents, too, need to gnaw or their teeth will overgrow (Orlans, p. 247). The tearing beak of eagles, the seed-cracking beak of parrots, the bill strainer of flamingos also overgrow if unused (National Research Council, 1977, p. 27). Many animals, from fish to snakes, penguins to bats, will only eat living food because they must see it move to seize it (Fiennes; Gersh). Even praying mantises eat only live food and will eat each other if nothing else is available. Did Noah know this?

Contradiction - Spot The Liar! Crack Only

Hirst advises, "The release site should be level, free of holes, large stones, and low shrubs, and should have adequate visibility" (p. 125). A more different location for the ark's survivors would be hard to imagine. Tired and weak, battered and bruised, nearly blind from a year's darkness, they began their exodus by clambering up through the roof and leaping forty-five feet to the rocks below. From here it was a perilous trek across hoof-splitting fields of jagged lava, through rushing, boulder-strewn streams and icy snowbanks, and onto the mud flats far below. Landslides and volcanic hot spots were ever-present dangers. Modern-day Ararat has often bested experienced mountaineers; what were the chances for the miserable wretches from the ark? They should have panicked in the radically unfamiliar terrain and stampeded over the nearest cliff.

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of the increased research activity into psychedelic substances is their therapeutic effect. In stark contradiction to the definition of a Schedule I drug, an array of substances, formaly only utilized as recreational or party drugs, is showing very promising signs of healing capacity (McClelland 2017). Indeed (Wordsworth 2017):

The other metaphor was the big bang, but the big bang run in reverse, from our familiar world all the way back to a point before there was anything, no time or space or matter, only the pure unbounded energy that was all there was then, before an imperfection, a ripple in its waveform, caused the universe of energy to fall into time, space, and matter. Rushing backward through fourteen billion years, I watched the dimensions of reality collapse one by one until there was nothing left, not even being. Only the all-consuming roar. It was just horrible. [P. 380f.]

The gamble the royal couple took in bringing these problematic claims, they have let a hairline crack of contradiction, and therefore scepticism, to creep into the wider conversation and that only gives their critics ammunition to cast doubt over their more substantial disclosures.


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